About us

The Blue Palais Centre of Corporate Evolution is a full-service management catalyst aiming at giving strong support to change and innovation projects and contributing to future viability of its corporate clients.

Initiated by the entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker, the Blue Palais represents a team of change, strategy, and new business development specialists. The existing expert network covers all relevant disciplines: management, law, and technology. It provides all modules, methodology and experiences as well as profound services required when it comes to assuring corporate future viability.

The Blue Palais is the ideal partner for visionary and game-changing development projects within this period of change.  Our projects include themes such as the digital shift, new-type business modelling, smart materials, space mining, 21st century technology applications, robotised re-industrialisation and the return of manufacturing to the U.S.A. and Europe, and many more.

All projects are executed within secure environments and in close collaboration with our clients and their departments in charge.

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